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Start or continue your health career journey. There are programmes to support you from secondary school to tertiary study and into employment or taking on a new challenge as a Pacific health professional.

  • Secondary Programmes

    A career in health can take you anywhere and it starts with the Pacific Health Science Academies. Access extra academic support while you study NCEA, get pastoral help with your studies and gain exposure to health professions while you learn.

    Pacific Health Science Academy

    The Pacific Health Science Academies provide extra support in Year 11, 12 and 13 students in the areas of science, maths, and English, to help you prepare for entry into tertiary study.. You’ll have contact with doctors, nurses, and other clinicians along the way while you learn. Choosing the right NCEA subjects is important. The Pacific Health Science Academy is a step in the right directoing o achieve the right NCEA qualifications that lead to relevant tertiary study and your career in health. Read more

  • Tertiary Programmes

    Being in tertiary study can be daunting. Programme W&AT! will help you through your journey from the transition from secondary school into tertiary study, connect you with support and expose you to health professions while you learn that can lead on to health jobs when you graduate.

    W&AT! Tertiary Mentoring Programme

    University can sometimes be difficult to get your head around, especially when you’re just starting out. If you’re in Year 13 at high school or studying your first semester of university, Programme W&AT! gives you extra support where you need it. The key thing is to hang in there, even if you feel like you’re struggling. Reach out for help to get started with university. Read more

  • Workforce Programmes

    If you’re a Pacific health professional working within Counties Manukau Health, then the Pacific Workforce Development Programme can provide a range of opportunities for you to get involved in areas such as leadership, mentoring, career development and networking.

    Workforce Development

    Develop your personal leadership skills and career as a Pacific health professional. We can support you to reach your full potential as a professional, giving you access to tools and resources. Read more

"It’s really good because you get to experience more. It’s important to be introduced to science and maths from a young age." Ala, Waitakere College Student, Health Science Academy

Our Strategy and Values

Counties Manukau Health's shared vision is to work in partnership with its communities to improve the health status of all, with particular emphasis on Maori and Pacific peoples and other communities with health disparities.

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